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PrestService - Consultoria e Recursos Humanos Sbil - Segurança Bancária e Industrial

The electronic security is gaining more space. Because of the great technological development of the modern world, every day brings new equipment developed with the latest technology to give greater peace of mind to a population living frightened by the rising tide of violence.

Always in tune with the changes that occur in your area and serving a market requirement, the CHARLES BORER BUSINESS GROUP founded a new company, CRB ELECTRONIC SECURITY SYSTEMS LTD, dedicated to the provision of services in the field of electronic security through monitoring done by means of ultra-art equipment capable of ensuring an effective surveillance, especially in condominiums, businesses, industries, shops etc.

This type of surveillance, combined with human surveillance, approaches in much the realization of the dream "perfect security", practically zeroing the contractors to the possibility of assaults, thefts and violence. The CRB ELECTRONIC SECURITY SYSTEMS is born under the sign of credibility and certainty of honest service and quality, because it is another company of CHARLES BORER BUSINESS GROUP.

  Rua Evaristo da Veiga, 55 - 18º andar - Centro - Rio de Janeiro.
PABX: (21) 3043-8200
Fax: (21) 2240- 2916
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