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In the last five decades, Brazil and the world have gone through many social, political and economic changes in habits and behavior. Brazil, especially, lived several crises that have directly influenced the lives of companies. We went through a dictatorship, and many difficult moments until we return to democracy. But the unexpected death of a president who represented the hope of a people who for 20 years fought for the democratization of the country; disillusionment with his successors, the impeachment of another president, various economic plans failed to quell the rampant inflation that has become hyper in 80 years ... Anyway, all this has brought many difficulties for everyone.

As a result, throughout this period, many companies from various sectors have closed, others were created, but also closed. Few survived. But the CHARLES BORER BUSINESS GROUP stood firm in the market and managed to overcome all crises, trauma and difficult periods of economic instability and uncertainty that our country experienced in the last 50 years.
And this almost half a century of operation of the CHARLES BORER BUSINESS GROUP proves that, first of all, values such as ethics, integrity and respect for clients are critical to the success of any company.

It also proves that there is no word "failure" to those who pursue their goals based on honesty and transparency. He shows mainly that there is only one path to success: work. That's what CHARLES BORER BUSINESS GROUP has always been over almost half a century: WORK!

And that is what will continue to do, working with the same love and zeal. After all, this was the way we choose. This is the way that keeps us there about 50 years on the market. And this is the way that we will follow, and God willing, we will take 100 years, 200 years and more...

This is what makes us different !
This is our brand !

Dr. Ricardo Rindeika Borer

  Rua Evaristo da Veiga, 55 - 18º andar - Centro - Rio de Janeiro.
PABX: (21) 3043-8200
Fax: (21) 2240- 2916
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