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A man of courage and vision

A great entrepreneur Charles Borer, founder of the CHARLES BORER BUSINESS GROUP, born into a family that had honesty and respect for others in their educational background, inherited the moral and ethical values from his parents who applied for life and helped them in an essential way for success.

Always working with honesty, integrity and respect, the businessman Charles Borer was the great mentor of Private Security in the State of Rio de Janeiro, founding the SBIL SAFETY AND INDUSTRIAL BANK LTD. But this enterprise, do not stop there.

Even then, the businessman stated that there would come a time when companies would find it difficult to afford the high cost of maintaining employees - often required only for certain periods or temporary services. And even in an era where the use of a formal contract was considered a huge breakthrough in labor relations, Charles Borer created a new service company, the PRESTSERVICE CONSULTING AND HUMAN RESOURCES LTD., predicting that only in recent years was admitted as the output for the jobs crisis in the country: the outsourcing of services.

Most importantly, however, is that these companies remain today, young and perfectly attuned to the market and globalized world we live in, economic crises, political changes and social and cultural changes we have been through these past 50 years.

A man of struggle and determination

All the segment of Private Security in Brazil and especially in the state of Rio de Janeiro, including workers and employers, has much to thank Cecil Borer (former president of the Association of Private Security Companies in the State of Rio de Janeiro), man of sharp corporate vision at the same time sensitive to the problems of the working class, was above all a true friend in the broadest sense of the word and noble. An example of good conduct, honesty and competence.

While defending the interests of the employer in the area of Private Security - to which both contributed to and helped to grow - Cecil Borer has never taken any decision that could somehow harm the working class. Quite the contrary.

Aware that the two classes - employees and employers - on one another to strengthen more the segment in which they operate, the businessman Cecil Borer often marched alongside the workers in the fight against clandestine companies and bad businessman from the sector that exploit their employees, who do not respect their rights, do not offer decent working conditions and enrich at the expense of exploration.

All that twist and fight for the success of private security segment of our country are hopeful that the example of hard work and competence left by Cecil Borer remain forever. Only then will we be sure that this segment will be forever honored and respected, as late Cecil Borer fought so hard and contributed to it were so.

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