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Service delivery in the segment of private security is not an easy task. It requires a lot of responsibility, competence and honesty on the part of those who purport to bear it. Unfortunately the vast majority of companies in this segment based on the same time and even after SBIL SECURITY BANK AND INDUSTRIAL LTDA, no longer exist.

Unlike Sbil, they could not survive due to several problems, whether economic, administrative or structural. It is no coincidence that the average life of a company in the segment of private security is lower than the average life of Brazilian companies in general, which is already considered very small, somewhere around two years and eight months. The difficult mission of protecting life and property should not therefore be given to anyone. The SBIL existed for over 40 years and thanks to the correct line of action is considered one of the most stable within the segment of private security in our country legalized and registered with the Secretariat of Public Security and the Federal Police and fully good standing labor, fiscal and social, is today the SBIL an example to be followed within the segment of private security throughout the country, providing surveillance and security services for the banking and industrial sectors, among others. The permanence of solid SBIL market is an undeniable proof of competence and credibility, in fact, a hallmark of the companies of CHARLES BORER BUSINESS GROUP.


Provide surveillance services in various market sectors, aiming at improving the safety and tranquility of our clients. To this end, our quality policy is the guideline that orders the services we provide. With ongoing search for excellence and quality, our goal is to develop customized services, that is, each customer has special services according to their needs. For each service station put together a plan of action consistent with the circumstances of topography, flow of public lighting etc. Thus, we avoid unnecessary expenses for our customers and constantly improve the efficiency and quality in providing our services.


  Rua Evaristo da Veiga, 55 - 18º andar - Centro - Rio de Janeiro.
PABX: (21) 3043-8200
Fax: (21) 2240- 2916
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